This is a structured program that teaches our clients how to live a healthy lifestyle. We offer a nutritional protocol, that can be used as a lifelong tool, and meld that with our high intensity classes to help our clients reach their personal goals. As a bonus, each participant also has the opportunity to win back future training credit based on their progress. This program is a great way to start your journey to a healthy way of life, or to give you that little extra boost. Challenges run periodically throughout the year.

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"Heather and Chase made me feel like family, helped me reach my goals and were always there for me. They are incredible at what they do and have taught me to live a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis. After four years I still set goals for myself and Heather and Chase are there to challenge and push me to achieve them no matter how difficult they may be." - BRI METZ

"Joining Infinity’s workouts is great for everyone. Taking 'The Challenge' completes the picture. A perfect diet and exercise plan to form a healthy body and mind. Anyone who is serious about their health should feel lucky to discover and apply what Infinity has created and delivers." - PETE CONFEHR

"Simply put- it is life changing.  I went from being depressed, not sleeping well, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, irritable, unhappy and lacking motivation. After the challenge, not only did my appearance change, but my outlook on life did as well.  I love how I look and feel and I have Infinity Fitness to thank." - SHANNON MARTINSON